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Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022

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Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022

Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 (TDAF2022) is being held to enable Thailand to become the first digital art hub in Asia, to promote Thai artists on the global stage, to create awareness of digital art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), as well as facilitate the sale and marketing of NFTs on the Coral platform for artists, collectors and art enthusiasts through an easily accessible platform.

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  • Coral
  • PlanB Media

Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. has created a phenomenon that connects the parallel universes of online and offline art, confirming its pioneering role in innovative creative technology.

The Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 is in line with Siam Piwat’s strategic direction in digital technology, in connecting the parallel worlds of online and offline, and as “The Visionary Icon” that will create limitless experiences and satisfaction from any point in the physical or digital worlds. This festival is therefore a channel that will provide a platform and an opportunity for the Thai art circle to show their full potential and their creative powers to the world.
Siam Piwat has always been a leader in offering new and innovative trends in the world of business that will connect to the rapidly changing lifestyle of contemporary society. It is a form of customer-based commerce that provides access and outreach to every customer group in order to inspire and create exciting new experiences, while offering spiritual value, and catering to every dimension of consumer demand. This is therefore another opportunity for Siam Piwat to maintain its vision to offer nothing but the best to the eyes of the world. In the past, Siam Piwat has made it a rule to organize activities to support and promote the arts, history and culture, that have touched the hearts of Thai and foreign visitors alike.

Transforming ICONSIAM into a spectacular exhibition space

Over 2,000 sq.m. of space at ICONSIAM has been transformed into a spectacular art gallery fitting for ICONSIAM’s image as a world-renowned retail landmark by the Chao Phraya River. This glorious landmark is a true symbol of a successful collaboration between experts in different fields, both Thai and international, that combines culture, innovation and technology into a world-class architectural wonder that reflects the concepts of Co-creation and Creating Shared Values. This is defined by its mission to honour all that is valuable and deserving of pride in Thai culture and history, present all aspects of the Thai heritage to the nation, and showcase the best of Thailand and of the world in one place, set against the most beautiful bend in the Chao Phraya River, according to its vision to “Win The World For Thailand” that will help the Thai identity conquer the hearts of the world.

Baandam Museum’s Role in Selecting Artists and Compiling Artworks

This digital art exhibition is a first for Thailand, in connecting the parallel worlds of physical and digital art. The event showcases the physical artworks by artists according to disciplines, techniques and the reputation of each individual artist. It also showcases art in the digital form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are digital assets that are unique and non-interchangeable. This is a trending art platform in the world today, which allows art enthusiasts to enjoy the work of their favourite artists in both physical and digital formats, in this case connecting the creative processes and artistic techniques of over 140 artists through over 1,400 artworks. The artworks are also available for purchase in the form of NFTs which will only increase in value in the future. This is therefore a digital art exhibition on the biggest scale ever, with the highest number of artists participating.

            The Covid-19 pandemic of the past two years has adversely affected the lives and economy of the global community, and artists are no exception. The opportunity to adapt themselves to the

digital world will open new doors for them, and provide new spaces to showcase their work. This will encourage them to develop and innovate their work, and allow them to continue earning a livelihood from their creative work, both in the form of physical art and as NFTs. Furthermore, they will continue to receive royalty fees from each transaction of their work, which will surely encourage and inspire others as well.

            The previous event titled “Immersive Arts of Thawan Duchanee” held in 2021 was the first time the world experienced the art of Thawan Duchanee on a digital platform. It transformed the art of Thailand’s national artist into a digital narrative using various forms of digital technology. The event was produced jointly by Baandam Museum--the soul of Thawan Duchanee,—a world leader in technology, and ICONSIAM.

            On this occasion, Baandam Museum once again joins hands with to recreate this immersive experience at ICONSIAM with the “Immersive Arts of NFT presented by Baandam Museum and Fulldome” where every participating artwork will be showcased through modern technology for the eyes of the world at the Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022

Coral Platform by KX Provides an Exclusive NFT Marketplace at TDAF2022

Coral is a “Super Simple” NFT Marketplace platform that caters to every dimension of the digital art world. It has helped created a new business model, profession, and economic system that will provide endless opportunities for artists, creators and collectors to interact.
Coral places great importance on the fact that the copyright of each artwork placed on the Coral platform belongs to the artist or his/her legal heirs. Proper documentation is provided in cases where artists entrust others to represent them, with a signed Power of Attorney. The artist must have no criminal record for money laundering, and each artwork must never have appeared as an NFT on any other platform before, is not a duplicate, or plagiarized from another artwork. It must not be unlawful, pornographic, or libelous.
Artworks that are bought from this exhibition are all original, created personally by existing artists, with all records being available on the Blockchain technology that is verifiable. Buying an NFT artwork on the Coral platform is as simple as regular online shopping, using Thai Baht via a mobile banking network, QR PromptPay, or credit/debit cards, making it a truly “Super Simple” system for Thai art collectors.

Plan B and Digital Art Promotion

Another partner in this historic art phenomenon who will help promote Thai NFT artworks to every corner of the country is Plan B Media Public Company Limited. Plan B’s media is the world’s largest network of outdoor art galleries, presented with innovative, and cutting-edge varieties of mediums to reach target audiences all through their outdoor journey. Plan B will help to promote Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 through a network of over 850 digital screens around the country to allow the public to experience the world of digital art from 15 February – 20 March 2022. This will enhance awareness among the public and also serve to inspire millions of people around the country.

TDAF 2022

Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 (TDAF2022)

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