Thailand Digital Arts Festival


:: ผลงาน | WORK ::

Falling Down 1970
Dark Sheaves Of vStraw 1974
Mental Force 1975
Mineral Power 1999
Mental Force 1992
Mental Force1992
Mental Force 1992
Dewdrops at Dawn 1999
The Grains of Virtue1979

:: ประวัติ | BIOGRAPHY ::

Pratuang Emjaroen

Pratuang Emjaroen, 86, was born October 9, 1935 in Bangkok. He is a self-taught artist. With
determination and patience, his source of learning came from studying art across different
cultures and philosophies such as India and China. He believes that nature and the sun are the
origins of artistic creativity and both heavily influenced his works. Pratuang creates art through his
imagination and his faith in the virtue and goodness to be found in mankind, and optimism. He
creates his art work happily with the use of vivid, vibrant colors and powerfully free strokes.
Pratuang’s inquisitive nature has played a significant role throughout the different periods of his
creativity, including collections like Meeting Sufferings, Universal Learning and other valuable
Pratuang built the Emjaroen Art Gallery and opened it to the public in 2007 as a source of art
study and a place to exhibit a variety of artistic works. Throughout his career, he has participated
in art events as a chairman for opening art exhibitions all over the country, as an invited honored
artist for charity events, and as a guest lecturer to students at schools and universities. He has
been happily creating his art works for over 50 years, and was honored as National Artist of
Thailand in 2005.

:: TDAF 2022 ::

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