Thailand Digital Arts Festival


:: ผลงาน | WORK ::

The Great Eagle
The Bull
The Great Tiger
The Erawan
The King Of Baboon
Leopard Crushing The Monkey
The Kanthaka
The Face
The Trinity

:: ประวัติ | BIOGRAPHY ::


The National Artist one of the most foremost Asian painters, Mr. Thawan Duchanee has pursued
his career throughout the world. His paintings are in an original genre, rooted in a unique Buddhist
perspective. These paintings depict the insanity, degeneration, violence, eroticism, and death
lurking in the heart of modern man. The artist has shocked the world by creating a uniquely Asian
artistic expression. Mr. Thawan is indeed worthy to be called a master of modern Asian art.

Mr. Thawan Duchanee’s activities are not limited to Thailand he is known throughout Asia
and the world. He works in an original, dynamic genre rooted in a unique perspective of
Thai Buddhism. One of the most foremost Asian artists, he has won wide acclaim from
the general public as well as the art critics.

All Rights Reserved and Official Art of Thawan Duchanee
in association with the Baandam Museum.

:: TDAF 2022 ::

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